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Company Profile

Vienna Human Capital Advisors, LLC is an HR consultancy specializing in human capital analytics. Human capital analytics is the process of measuring and analyzing the financial performance of a company's investment in human capital (people and programs). Measuring identifies how well the investment in human capital is performing. The analysis scrutinizes the results and identifies the changes necessary in human capital strategy that will continuously improve the return on the human capital investment, thereby enhancing the economic value of the business enterprise. In sum, the analytic … LEARN MORE


Testimonials for Vienna: CHROs, CFOs and distinguished professors have endorsed the Vienna HCA approach to human capital analytics. Here is a sampling of the testimonials the Vienna Human Capital Index has received: • From a former CHRO of QVC: “The Vienna Index is an excellent and efficient tool to capture and analyze the true cost and productivity of all of the human capital engaged in the organization. The Vienna approach provides reliable, comprehensive and complete measurement that is consistent globally. It is the future of human capital analytics.” • From a former CFO: “As … HEAR MORE