Intellectual Property of The Vienna Index™

  • Who owns the Vienna Human Capital Index™ (The Vienna Index™)?
    The Vienna Index is the exclusive property of Vienna Human Capital Advisors, LLC. The Vienna formulas, metrics and Index are protected by U.S. Patent No. 7,983,945. Use of the formulas, metrics, and Index without express written consent form Vienna Human Capital Advisors, LLC is strictly prohibited.
  • Who developed the Vienna Index?
    The Vienna Index was developed by Frank DiBernardino and Michael McClure.
  • How was the Vienna Index developed?
    The Vienna Index was developed in response to a simple question asked by a CEO: “Are there credible ways to measure the financial performance of our investment in people?”

Our research on HR-centric measures didn’t provide a credible set of measures that could answer this question in a comprehensive and convincing manner. We then looked to financial measures and found universally accepted and commonly used measures for ROI, Productivity and Liquidity. After extensive trial and error, and vetting by CHROs, CFOs, private equity executives, investment bankers and Vienna’s accounting firm, Vienna HCA adapted these measures to the human capital investment defined as the financial resources spent on human capital (people and programs).