Vienna Human Capital Index™

The Vienna Human Capital Index™ (The Vienna Index™) is a business intelligence tool that measures the financial performance of the money companies spend on human capital (people and programs).

A commercially available, web-based software solution, the Vienna Index was developed by Vienna Human Capital Advisors, LLC in collaboration with a team of strategic human capital specialists, CFOs, private equity executives and investment bankers, to capture the growing interest of C-suite executives to measure the impact of HR initiatives on business performance. The Vienna Index is comprised of three key performance indicators (KPIs):

  • Productivity
  • Profit Sensitivity

Unlike other HR measurement tools on the market today, the Vienna Index is predicated on financial formulas that extract standardized, auditable data from an organization’s general ledger. This approach enables human capital to be evaluated in terms of Return on Investment (effectiveness), Productivity (efficiency), and Profit Sensitivity (liquidity)––financial performance standards that immediately resonate with C-suite decision makers.

The Vienna Index is a user-friendly, turnkey solution that can be accessed directly through a Web portal as an online application. There are no high costs traditionally associated with the purchase of customizable enterprise software, no maintenance fees, and no risk of incompatibility with existing systems.

Dashboards, line and bar graphs visually demonstrate how an organization’s human capital investment is performing as a whole and how the KPIs and overall Index value are performing over time in comparison to internal benchmarks and plans, as well as industry peers. As such, the Vienna Index™ provides a financial base line against which progress can be measured over time.

Vienna Human Capital Index Dashboards
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dashboard 2
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